<![CDATA[Richard Ray    Texas Artist  - Blog]]>Thu, 02 Nov 2017 22:54:55 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Summertime in Texas, in July a cool 95 today. Better than last summer. New painting series strarted working from Marty's sketches and pottery drawings.]]>Fri, 13 Jul 2012 15:52:45 GMThttp://richardraypainter.com/blog/summertime-in-texas-in-july-a-cool-95-today-better-than-last-summer-new-painting-series-strarted-working-from-martys-sketches-and-pottery-drawingsThis is your new blog post. Click here and start typing, or drag in elements from the top bar. ]]><![CDATA[Friday afternoon]]>Sat, 08 May 2010 00:05:12 GMThttp://richardraypainter.com/blog/friday-afternoonChickens running around in the yard, grass newly mowed, monk parrots playing in the air, sun getting lower in the sky, evening on its way. A great day!]]><![CDATA[First try]]>Wed, 05 May 2010 22:53:10 GMThttp://richardraypainter.com/blog/first-tryJust trying this blog thing out to see how it works. Having fun creating a website. Hope to post photos of new works. Keep watching.]]><![CDATA[First Post!]]>Wed, 05 May 2010 22:49:17 GMThttp://richardraypainter.com/blog/first-post